Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grocery specials and deals, and meal suggestions

Hi there and welcome to my new blog. When I'm grocery shopping and planning menus, I have a strong desire to share my finds and ideas with other grocery shoppers. The problem is that only about .02% of them seem to care. I'm writing this so I will have a place to share without seeming like an insane grocery stalker.

Last week I found boneless ribeyes for $2.88 lb. The same week, Winn Dixie's sale on boneless ribeyes was $7.88 lb.--not that great. I hated the thought of my friends missing out, but didn't really want to call around and say, "The purpose of my call is that steak is on sale." That's when I knew I seriously needed an outlet.

When I find good deals, I'll post them here, hopefully along with menu ideas. We all have to cook and eat, and having a great attitude about it makes it so much easier. Reading this blog to help you organize and plan might make it even nicer. Happy savings and cooking! ~Nise

P.S. Are you in the market for eye cream that normally runs $30 per tiny tube? Winn Dixie in St. Andrews and on Thomas Drive have collagen fillers on clearance for less than $5 (August 14, 2010)


  1. Hey Nise,
    Thanks for the great advice. Thrilled you have a blog...

  2. Hey Nise, This is awesome! I love it and I'm so glad you decided to share your amazing gift with the rest of the world. Love you, Kathy